the storm

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the storm

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The storm

This novel tells us a story about different people’s feelings and reactions before the storm. Bobinot and his little son Bibi was shopping in a store when the storm was coming. But Bobinot’s wife, Clixta, was staying at home. The storm came closer before she noticed and prepared to gather clothes outside and met Alcee. Alcee asked to stay in her house till the end of the storm and was invited. Maybe in the atmosphere of fear, as women always the ones need to be protected. It seemed that they will do something that betrayed the moral principles. In fact there is nothing happen between them. By the end of the storm, Alcee went home and Bobinot and Bibi went back. There is not any word in this story have described why Alcee and Calixta had such a change in there mind and behavior. Calixta found that her husband loves her so much and so as the Alcee. When he felt that he was alive, he wrote a loving letter to his wife and children. Maybe they don’t know what have happened at home, but they are together and they are families.

Whatever, their actions have proved that they learnt what is the most important to them in this storm. Actually, I want to say that the happiness is that we are alive and we own these things which can make us feel happy. That is the life and that is what we should cherish. Human beings are such kind of figure that who can only grow up in sufferings of dangerous. We always say that the best is what we have lost. This is the weakness of people that can not know what is the most important.

In my own opinion, this is a story that can not be noticed by this society which is filled with greed and selfish. No matter as a man or a woman, they just seeking for the enjoyable life they want in spite of his a husband or she is a wife. The do not know what is duty and what is responsibility. Maybe this is irony for this society to read such a story with awareness of mind.


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